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About the Build Your Future Today Center

Build Your Future Today Center (BFT Center) is a local non-governmental organization (NGO) recognized by the Ministry of the interior and local authorities in Siem Reap, unaffiliated with any religious or political party. Read about Our Vision for giving opportunities to the children and villages of the Siem Reap region...

In 1975, the radical Khmer Rouge devastated Cambodia, taking the lives of over two million people in one of world’s most horrific genocide. Unfortunately, removal of this murderous regime in 1979 was accompanied by Vietnamese invasion which led to a prolonged civil war. Even today, its aftermath like land mines in rural areas still affects the people

Most of the people remaining had lost family members, leaving countless widows and orphans. Many were left disabled. Extreme poverty led to problems such as ill health, lack of education and unemployment. The psychological trauma from years of war resulted in an increase of drug and alcohol addiction, along with a spread of communicable and venereal diseases. Violence within families, sexual abuse of children and human trafficking became common place.

BFT Center was established by Prof. Sedtha Long in April 2006. BFT Center aims to provide the opportunity for people who have been living through hardships and poverty with effective solutions to improve their lives with an ultimate aim of successfully establishing well-being, prosperity and peace to the people of Cambodia. 

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