Build Your Future Today

Knowledge is Hope & Peace is Development

Our Vision

Since its founding in 2006, BFT has been dedicated to helping build a better future for Cambodia’s youth.  As an NGO that has grown out of Sedtha Long’s personal desire to help give back to his country, BFT’s central motto of

Knowledge is Hope

Peace is Development

… comes directly from both Cambodia’s need for education and Sedtha’s personal experience living through the Khmer Rouge. 

Our main aim is to empower the Cambodian people with the right intellectual and economic tools to attain self-sufficiency. We believe that education is key to developing economic stability and personal well-being along with peace for the individual family, and hence the whole of Cambodian society. We are highly committed to providing the opportunity for people, especially children who have been living through hardship and poverty, with effective solutions to improve their lives. We would like to see a day when Cambodian people are not dependent on foreign aid, and have the power to change their & their family’s life for a brighter future.