Build Your Future Today

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  1. Are there costs to volunteer with Build Your Future Today Center?
    BFT Center requires a Volunteer Supportive Contribution of US$150.00 to cover our reasonable costs of managing volunteers, including the opportunity for you to visit a village, regardless of the volunteer role you are undertaking. The contribution assures that all money donated to BFT is used for the benefit of our villagers, especially the children. You are responsible for the cost of your accommodation, food, transportation and airfares, etc. The contribution will be waived for people who undertake fundraising on behalf of BFT and donate amounts greater than the contribution. BFT is always in need of donations and is very appreciative of any fundraising efforts you make.
  2. Accommodation
    You can find Hotels and Guesthouses on the Internet some or BFT Center will recommend some for you if you wish.
  3. Working Hours
    Volunteers do not have to work a full day. Volunteers can choose their hours and arrange this with BFT Center.
  4. Visas
    Depending on their nationality, volunteers must obtain their own visa for entry into Cambodia. Please contact the Royal Kingdom for Cambodia Embassy
  5. How is Build Your Future Today Center funded?
    BFT Center is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) and is totally funded by the donations of individuals, fundraising groups and partners.
  6. Currency – US Dollar
    1 US Dollar are widely used but Local businesses have difficulty changing large Notes.
  7. Food
    Good food is relatively cheap in Cambodia. Meals range from US$1 – 5 per meal, depending on your taste buds.
    A large variety of food is available from traditional Khmer, vegetarian, European Food etc.
  8. Transport
    Motorbike Taxi is approximately US$2 – US$4 to the town centre each way.
    TukTuk US$3 – US$4 each way.
    Bicycles are readily available for hire in Siem Reap for approximately US$1 per day. Many volunteers choose to ride with a bicycle to our Centre. Others choose to buy a bike at the beginning of their Volunteering time (around US$40), and donate their bike to Build Your Future Today Center on conclusion. The bike is then given to a needy student.
  9. What should I bring with me?
    The school dress code requires covered shoulders, knee length dresses for women and long trousers or long shorts for men.
    Bring work clothes if you will be volunteering with other projects.
  10. What vaccinations do I need for Cambodia?
    Consult a doctor which vaccinations are required for Cambodia.
    Follow your country’s Government Travel and Health’s reports for Cambodia.
  11. Can I help from my home country?
    Primarily we need teaching supplies, donations, connections to funding organizations, charity organizations or NGO’s in our country. Please visit us on our Website or Facebook. A wish list is supplied once you agree to volunteer.
  12. Does Build Your Future Today Center provide insurance for its volunteers?
    No. You are responsible for your own insurance and should ensure that you are fully covered for injury and loss of possessions. This is very important! Make sure your insurance covers travel by motorbike. As this is the normal means at transport in Cambodia.
    Cambodia is a third world country, and high-quality health care in Siem Reap is virtually non-existent, if you are not insured or cannot pay. If a serious illness or accident does eventuate, you should ask to be taken to The International Hospital. You may need to air lifted to a better equipped hospital in a neighboring country.
    Please note that BFT Center will not be liable for loss, damage, injury or health issues can arise.