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Capacity Building and Livelihood Improvement

After BFT implemented their Health and Nutrition programs, school attendance improved but continued to be an issue; this time not because of the children’s health but because of the family’s finances.  Rural Cambodian families with many children often need those children to help work on the farm or in a family business, making it difficult for them to support education for their children beyond primary school.  BFT’s capacity building project aims at supporting these families through microloans and education.  One common way that BFT does this is to give classes in things like basket-weaving or farming and then connect them with customers in the city who buy their products.  These programs help families increase their income and allow them to have their children away at school gaining an education.

Job Placements: After training, local families were able to find work or start their own business in vegetable gardening, cooking, tailoring and sewing;  success of these small businesses serves as a model to other families living in poverty.

Generating income through animal rearing & vegetable growing: over 100 families have attended lessons on how to farm fish, chicken, pigs and vegetable growing and have been supported to start their own business.

Scholarships for Social Economic Development: have  been provided to students who have completed High School to continue their studies at university.

Community Market Support: BFT purchases products from local producers as part of the ‘Daily Nutrition Supplies’,

Road Construction: will enable villagers from Cham Resh and neighboring communities to connect with other communities and provide more business opportunities.