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Child Support and Learning Center

The Child Support Center in Siem Reap, Cambodia was the place where it all started.  Before 2006, it was Sedtha's home and was where he would raise the children whom he had adopted and who had nowhere else to go.  Even before BFT was founded, Sedtha would teach English classes here; the only place in Siem Reap where children could go to learn free of charge.  Today, Sedtha and BFT still use the same house in Siem Reap to provide classes to children as well as take in those who have nowhere else to go. 

Every Child Deserves A Loving Life!: at the BFT Center we are fully sponsoring and providing support to 18 orphans and 60 indigent children; we also support many other children who have either been separated from their family or are at risk of separation.

Sport for Team Building: On Sundays, the football teams from Kravan, Srah Srong and BFT Center meet to train and play.

Traditional Dance and other skills: children at the BFT Centre and in the villages are taught Cambodian traditional dance, other dancing styles (incl break dancing), performing arts, circus performance etc.

Culture Exchange from International Students: we  have received several visits from international students from countries from Norway to Singapore; these give students  the chance to play together and share their cultures.