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Community Education Development

Education is at the center of what BFT does.  In the years since the Khmer Rouge Cambodia was left with a severe lack of teachers and intellectuals, making illiteracy amongst Cambodia’s youth a real problem; a problem that persists today.  The children who are least likely to be able to pursue a basic education are those living in rural communities, and it those communities that BFT specifically targets.   In 2006, the first school that BFT built was in the village of Kra Van, about 15 km from the city of Siem Reap, providing for many of them their first chance for an education.

BFT has been able to go further out into far away villages, and though BFT programs now span many different aspects of development, education is always at the center.  In all of the 33 villages BFT now works in, the schools the BFT has built or and the ones they support with teachers or supplies remain at the center of their development work.

Basic Education in Khmer & English: provided to more than 1000 children every day at the community schools in the village and at the BFT center in Siem Reap.

Computer Training: taught at the BFT Center, Kok Ta Chan school and Srah Srong school, to 120 students spread throughout 8 classes.

Uniforms and Study Materials: provided all school children

Life Skills Training for Adults: in animal farming, home garden training, tailoring and sewing, craft making and basket weaving.

Access to Schools: a school van to transport 150 children from poor families to attend primary and high school every day; scholarships for high school students to help to cover costs of bicycles, study materials, uniforms and school registration.

Adult Literacy and Life Skills Support: a total of 350 adult learners have graduated from more than 10 different villages.

Promote Early Child Education: Play for Growth to develop children physical and mental faculties through creative play activities in playgroups; teaching mothers how to properly interact and communicate with their children.