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Community Health Care and Nutrition

After about a year of operating the school in Kra Van, Sedtha and BFT noticed that many of the children failed to re-enrol for the next years studies and those that did often had a difficult time focussing on the classroom activities.  The root cause of this was not a lack of motivation for education from the children themselves, but rather because of a lack of basic nutrition and healthcare at home which made making school work a priority difficult.  In order to tackle this problem BFT began by feeding the children breakfast and lunch while they were at school and quickly expanding the curriculum to include information about basic health and hygiene.  They grew this into community wide action and developed a partnership with the Angkor Hospital for Children in order to monitor the health of all the children in order to prevent diseases like malaria and malnutrition. 

School Vegetable Gardens: provided at several community schools, producing a variety of crops;  BFT has also installed water irrigation systems to those communities.

Tree planting: over 2000 fruit and timber trees planted in the villages.

School Feeding Program: for over 1000 school children and more than 140 pre-school children, including  food from the vegetable gardens in the school grounds.

Nutritious Food Feeding Program: for children under 5 years, following the success for the School Feeding Program; mothers in the village are provided with valuable knowledge about nutrition.

Monitoring Children’s Growth: key data (height, weight, BMI etc.) gathered for all school children in the villages which enables us to monitor the progress of every child’s health.

Hygiene and Sanitation: communities are taught hygiene, sanitation and health care education practice, working in collaboration with teams from Angkor Hospital and including dental and eye care.

Purifying Water: together with ‘Water for Life’ and ‘Every Child Has the Right to Clean Water’ we have provided bio-sand and UV water filters as well as building wells for school and pre-school children, to prevent water-borne diseases.

Improved sanitation: Developing proper bathrooms and sewerage facilities