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Peace Building

The lack of education for Cambodia’s youngest generations has not been the entirety of the long shadow the Khmer Rouge has cast on Cambodia today.  In the wake of having a fifth of the population of the country killed and families across the country torn apart, domestic violence and alcoholism have joined the legacy of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.  And like the lack of education, these problems are magnified in the rural villages where access to any kind of services are gravely lacking.  This problem became one that BFT encountered consistently as they expanded from education into more developmental projects, and their Peace Building program aims to help heal these open wounds. 

Working with monks from local pagodas, the Peace Building program operates through both communal meetings as well as family by family counseling sessions.  The monks, with their Buddhist education and the respect they command in Cambodian society, are able to be particularly effective in helping people get over the personal and spiritual problems that lead to substance abuse and domestic violence.

The BFT Peace Building Team: attends workshops, which educate them to be able to teach villagers how to live peacefully within a community and how to solve problems effectively and calmly.

Peace Building Training and Domestic Violence Reduction: Our dedicated volunteer monks devote their time, energy and knowledge to provide training to school children as well as community members.

Counseling for families living in crisis: Volunteer monks visit all adopted families at least once a week, providing children and parents with support and giving them moral education and counseling.

Family Integration and Adoption: BFT identifies families which are unable to provide enough food for their children and can’t afford to send them to school. With BFT’s intervention and support, the children are able to integrate back into their family lives and also attend school.

Community Peace Building Networks: which encourage the local communities to take responsibility and contribute to the decision-making process, with the aim to reduce family crisis and domestic violence.