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Mother and Child Health

Immediate attention is given to the health, especially of the mothers and children. This program includes support during pregnancy, nutrition and tracking of height, weight and BMI for the children.

Giant water bores

Rice can be grown in the wet seasons, but a deep-water bore (30 to 40 m. depth), together with a pump and water tank, is required to allow year-ground growing of crops and development of a School Garden.  

Adult Reading & Writing

Education of the adults, undertaken over six months of evening sessions,  serves a number of purposes. It is a pre-requisite to their participation in a Capacity Building program and also gives the parents a better understanding of the need for their children to attend school.  

Agricultural Training

Once the adults have graduated and have basic literacy, they are given the chance to select their future business (pig raising, fish farming etc) and are given training in agricultural or other skills as required 

New Jobs

A business plan is then developed for each person or group (such as a “farmer club”) and micro-finance is provided to establish the business. This initial finance is paid back to the village “banker” and made available to start up other businesses. 

Primary School

The school (if existing) needs to be renovated and extended to accommodate all the children. Teachers need to be trained and provided with materials and a salary. And the children need uniforms  - and perhaps a bike to get to school

School Garden

An important component of the project is the School Garden,  irrigated from the new water supply, in which the children grow plants which can be used to provide them with nutritious breakfast at the school – and serves as a model for gardens in their on homes.