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How to Volunteer at Build Your Future Today

Build Your Future Today is always in need of volunteers to help us with our work at the Center and in the villages we support. It’s a great opportunity to work with Cambodians and help them in their struggles with daily living. There is a real sense of achievement at the end of a project, knowing you have assisted with people who desperately need support.

The friendships made at BFT with our permanent staff and other volunteers last a lifetime and our volunteers frequently tell us about the effect their work has had on their own lives. It puts life into perspective.

What can you gain from helping at BFT?

First it’s hard work, but it’s very rewarding. It’s fun and enjoyable. A real sense of doing good for the people who need it most.

Who do we need to help us?

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to apply. Please follow the link. We are looking for volunteers for a minimum of a month, however applications for a minimum of two weeks will be taken into consideration.

What does it Cost?

We require a Volunteer Supportive Contribution of US$150  to cover costs of managing volunteers. See F.A.Q. for more details.

What fields do we need? (See Information for more details)

•   Medical
•   Teachers
•   Technology
•   Social work & Counseling
•   Child Support
•   Construction & Carpentry
•   Agriculture & Farming
•   Administration/Office work
•   Fundraising
•   Or really anything else that could be useful.

Best reason to help us?

Over the years we have worked in over 25 villages helping thousands of Cambodians to improve their lives and living conditions. You can be a part of that team. We can not say we are the best, or the most deserving (even though we’d like to!). Our reach is tremendous and we constantly need additional help. And if you need a final reason …

You can help turn the sad faces into happy ones…