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What We Do at Build Your Future Today

No simple list can give the true impact of the scale of BFT’s work. But to help you see just how many people’s lives have been improved, here are some figures…


BFT has completed the following works:

•  22 houses have been renovated and the families now live in better conditions.
•  8 schools have been built or refurbished offering education to the children of Cambodia.
•  14 Community Training Centers have been built or refurbished teaching skills to young adults.
•  26 Villages are regularly visited by our Mobile Library offering the chance to read to children.
•  119 Wells have been dug providing clean water all year round.
•  9 Toilets have been built giving sanitation to prevent disease.
•  4 villages have had their roads improved making access to other areas possible with all the benefits of trade and communication.
•  17 School Gardens have been created to help teach agriculture and vegetable growing.
•  8 Bridges have been constructed, again providing access to villages.
•  11 Ponds have been dug for fish farming.
•  5,850 Trees have been planted to improve the environment.
•  15,000 families impacted by various works improving the living conditions of the most needy.