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Noeurn’s Story: From deserted mother - to helping thousands of children to stay in school.

This is the amazing journey of Chak Noeurn – her husband walked out on her leaving her life devastated, her children begging at Angkor Wat. Unable to read or write, she had little chance to provide for the family. But BFT allowed her to discover her real dream as a seamstress.

Now she can provide for her four children, who all attend school. And she is currently working on a contract to supply over 1500 uniforms for children at BFT’s village schools. 

From one sewing machine, provided by BFT four years ago, she now has six machines and a workshop which BFT built for her – so now she can teach 24 other women to sew. 

The uniforms are a source of pride for the village children and helps to ensure that the children remain in school . This can break the cycle of poverty, just like that which Noeurn had suffered before BFT changed her life.