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Oot Yee’s Story : From losing her children - to a reunited family and now giving back to her community

When BFT first cam across Oot Yee, her husband had left her, she was suffering from substance abuse and her children were living on the street. The children were taken in by the BFT Centre and put back in the school. With help from BFT and the Buddhist monks, Oot Yee was able to start getting her life back on track. 


But her shack leaked in the rain and there wasn’t enough room to provide a secure home for her seven children and her mother. And anyway, she had no way to earn an income to look after the family.

When asked what she would like to do with her life, Oot Yee said she would like to be a fish farmer. So BFT built a fish pond for her and stocked it with fish so at last she was able to earn an income.

A group of volunteers and monks also built a proper house to replace the leaky shack. And the family were able to be reunited at last.

Oot Yee now gives back to the community by helping feed the village children each morning before school, and by working in BFT’s Mother & Child program.