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Thys’s Story: Abandoned by his mother at only 8 years old, BFT were able to re-unite the family and enable them to become self-sufficient.

In April 2015, BFT were teaching health education in part of the pagoda in Laak village, 2 hours drive from Siem Reap, assessing some of the villagers with health problems. Thy was an eight year old boy who had been living in a pagoda since his mother had left him there 8 months earlier. The BFT team found that he has a high temperature wound infections on both feet. He was very unhappy and the monks said he cried most nights. They team also learnt that he had never been in school. 

With the formal approval of the village chiefs, BFT took him to the BFT Center in Siem Reap where he stayed for 3 weeks, saw a doctor and was given antibiotics and vitamins . The BFT team then set off to find Thy’s mother. They found that she had earlier remarried a much older man with had with her two older children. Due to her illiteracy, she had signed a very bad loan agreement which had left her in a bad financial position. She had left Thy at the pagoda thinking that his best future would be to become a monk. 

Thy was reunited with his mother and it was wonderful to see their happiness, but in the meantime the mother’s relationship with the new husband broke down and she and her children were forced to leave. When BFT went back to the village, they found the family living very rough. They transported them to the village where the family had lived when the father was alive, where they had  a small house and other family nearby. 

The challenge now  was to help the mother become more financially stable. The good part of leaving her husband’s house  was that the debts she had been suffering under were tied to the husband’s property. They were given food, seeds, hygiene products and money to buy chickens. Thy and his siblings were enrolled in school. Mum planted the vegetable seeds and invested the money in many chickens.

She also finds work in land nearby and stated that it was the first time in her life that she didn't feel dependant on a man and it felt great. Ten months after first meeting Thy, we see a very happy, healthy child, living with his family and being educated at school