Svay Leu District is one of the most remote districts in Siem Reap province, with low levels of development and agriculture. It is now a major focus of BFT’s village programs.


Oroong village is about 115 km NE of Siem Reap, in the north of Svay Leu District. This area has very low population densities of about three people per square kilometre. The closest health center is 55 km away; the closest satellite hospital, 90 km away. When BFT started work there, the village had no clean water, no sanitation and no school.

Village Water And Sanitation Project

A consortium of Australian based Rotary Clubs intends to support Build Your Future Today (BFT), a well-established and highly credible Cambodian NGO (Cambodians for Cambodians), deliver a major water and sanitation project in the Svay Leu District villages in Cambodia. BFT has been closely involved with Australian Rotary clubs since its founding in 2006.

This brief is to provide an introduction to this major Water and Sanitation project.

Consultations with the village communities have identified water and sanitation as significant building blocks to support the villagers break their cycle of poverty.

Delivery of clean drinking water and sanitation services will address urgent issues which threaten the health and well-being of more than 400 families in three remote rural villages in the Svey Lue District, around 100 km north-east of Siem Reap. The villages are in jungle areas, isolated and with poor access, especially during the wet season. Land for crop production is very limited and the diets of the communities have almost no protein or fruit/ vegetables.

But the most immediate issue relates to water and sanitation. During the dry season, water must be collected from stagnant and often badly contaminated ponds. In some areas, water shortages is so extreme that villagers are forced to move out of their homes and temporally relocate to places where they can access water.

Proper sanitation facilities are almost non-existent, increasing the risk of contamination of any ground-based water supplies. As a result of these conditions, the communities suffer from endemic dysentery, high infant mortality and stunted growth.

The proposed project will be based on the provision of 34 deep bore “giant wells” – which, together with 6 already installed wells, will provide one well per ten families – to provide an accessible and reliable year-round supply of water for drinking, cooking washing and sanitation.

All households will be provided with filters for filtration of drinking water.

Facilities will be provided at each school for storage and filtration of water, together with hand-washing facilities. The secure year-round water supply will also enable establishment of vegetable gardens, initially at the schools, which will improve diets.

Toilet facilities will be provided for every 20 families.

All of the project elements have been fully demonstrated in projects undertaken by BFT in other villages in Siem Reap province, including a current project at La’ak village.

The physical project work will be undertaken in the dry season which commences in December 2019.

The project will embrace working with the villagers for all phases of the project including education around water and sanitation, installation of the facilities, their operation, ongoing maintenance and refurbishment.

Rotary Clubs will be invited to join the existing consortium members and on acceptance will participate in planning the project including an application for a Rotary Foundation Global Grant.

In Memory Of Georgia

Georgia Louise Murray was a young woman with an enviable enthusiasm for life who cared deeply about others. She was born with a complex heart condition but lived a full and active life until complications during her third open-heart operation led to her untimely death aged 19 in November 2010. Steve Murray, Georgia’s father, decided to keep her memory alive by establishing Georgia’s Children of The World, a charity that builds houses, schools and community centers around the world for children in need. In 2014, Georgia’s Children of The World began its most ambitious project so far, Georgia’s House 3, a school in Oroong village built under BFT management.

When Georgia’s House 3 opened in August 2019, Steve Murray said:

“So proud and emotional yesterday to open “Georgia’s House 3″ in Oroong, a remote village in Cambodia, with our partners Build Your Future Today Center (BFT Center). Incredible to see the look of hope, happiness and the spark of ambition on the children’s faces. All children are born equal, and it is education that is the key to unlock their potential, something we take mostly for granted in the West. But, thanks to YOU, the supporters of Georgia’s Children of The World, and the team at BFT, we have given these children that chance.”

The school has a well and toilets on site. It currently has 140 students and four local teachers. Georgia’s Children helps finance teacher salaries and ensure that the children get at least one nutritious meal a day.

This project was followed by an additional classroom and, in January 2019, a kindergarten.

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